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FLAG factsheet - Italy - Venetian Coast

Offical name: 
Gruppo di Azione Costiera Veneziano - VeGAC
Venetian Coast
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Description of the area and its main challenges

The territory of VEGAC covers the entire coast between the mouth of the river Tagliamento (North) and the northern pier of the Port of Chioggia (South). The FLAG area is made up of 6 municipalities and stretches along 85 km over half of the Venice Region's coastline. From a socio-economic point of view the various coastal territories of the Venetian area have similar characteristics as they have developed (especially in the last 30-40 years) a major seaside resort system characterized by tourist flows (25 millions visitors per year) with an added value given by the close proximity to the historic city of Venice, which attracts visitors worldwide. 

Fishing is a significant activity particularly in the communities of Caorle, Jesolo, Cavallino, Burano, S. Pietro in Volta and Pellestrina, which have over 300 professional fishing units for marine and inland waters. 2.45% of the area’s active population is employed in the fisheries sector which, as in many other regions, is facing a series of significant challenges (especially those of modernizing the fleet, improving working techniques and marketing) to ensure that changes offer a sustainable approach to fisheries activities and increased respect for the fragile coastal environment and protected natural areas.
Population: 83 090                                                             Employment in fisheries: 2.45% (779 FTEs)

Surface area/km²: 625                                                     Coastal or inland:  coastal

Population Density/ Inhabitants/ km²:  133                 Protected areas: Peninsula of Cavallino, Mort Lagoon and Pinewood of Eraclea, Lido of Venice, Medium-Lower Lagoon of Venice, Upper Lagoon of Venice, Lagoon of Caorle – Mouth of Tagliamento River, Mouth of Tagliamento River, Valle Vecchia - Zumelle – Valle of Bibione, Valli Zignago - Perera – Franchetti – Nova, Lagoon of Venice, Tegnue of Falconera Port, and Tegnue of Chioggia.  

Main focus of FLAG strategy

The FLAG´s strategy aims to link the fisheries sector with the local tourism sector, building an integrated productive system that can maintain and generate employment in fisheries and aquaculture. Innovation and environmental quality are at the heart of this strategy. The actions that the FLAG aims to promote fall under four main priorities:

-  promoting the competitiveness of the fisheries sector.
- environmental conservation in order to increase the attractiveness of the fisheries area and link it with tourism and leisure activities.

-  fostering thematic networks between different fisheries areas.

- supporting local people to develop the skills and knowledge to define and implement a local development strategy.

Environmental Management (1-5, where 5 is high priority and 1 is low priority): 5

Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector (1-5): 5

Diversification into other activities (1-5): 5

Project examples and ideas

- Diversifying the fisheries sectors by piloting new types of marine and fresh water aquaculture.

- Raising awareness and developing the identity of local products with a view to improving their commercialization.

- Developing management plans for the coastal strip (planning for an integrated and sustainable management of the marine environment and of the related shoreline).

- Supporting eco-tourism (and fisheries related tourism) along the coast and in the Venice lagoon, including the use of existing facilities and infrastructure for fishing tourism (e.g. traditional fisheries buildings called “casoni”).

- Thematic working groups and networks to be linked with other fisheries areas/stakeholders in order to: study similar problems and find shared and integrated solutions across the upper Adriatic Sea, enhance competitiveness of the fisheries sector and promote sustainable development and environmental conservation. 



Lead Partner or Responsible Legal Entity:  VeGAL - Venice Local Development Agency

Other key actors/organisations in the partnership: Fisheries Trade Unions (Agci Agrital Coldiretti Venezia, Confcooperative Venezia, Legacoop Veneto e UNCI Veneto); Local Authorities (Municipalities of Caorle, Cavallino Treporti, S.Michele al Tagliamento, Venice); Province of Venice; Venice Tourist Offices (APT of Venice); Chamber of Commerce of Venice (Venezia Opportunità).

Links with LEADER: the Local Development Agency VEGAL is a Leader LAG which also manages the FLAG. The LAG and FLAG have separate boards and staff but a common President.

% of public actors (on the decision-making board)39 
% of fisheries actors: 39    

% of other (non-fisheries) private / NGO sector actors: 0

% of environmental actors: 22

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership: 13

Number of individuals on main decision-making body: 5

Number of contracted staff in FLAG: 1


Total public budget of FLAG 2007-2013:                    € 982 078

EFF:                                                                                € 491 039

Other public:                                                                  € 491 039

FLAG Manager: 
Giancarlo Pegoraro
Other contact: 
President: Annalisa Arduini
Via Cimetta, 1 - 30026 Portogruaro - VE - Italy
vegal (at)
+39 0421 394 202
+39 0421 390 728
Languages spoken: 
Italian, English, basic French