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FLAG factsheet - Germany - Cuxhaven

Offical name: 
Fischwirtschaftsgebiet Niedersächsische Nordseeküste
Lower Saxony
North Sea Coast Region
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Description of the area and its main challenges

Geographically, the FLAG area is plain and with several open landscapes. In economic terms, agriculture and fisheries are of certain relevance with almost no big industry. The main challenges faced by the FLAG territory are to reduce unemployment, to protect the nature and the variety of landscape and to increase the attractivity of the region for tourism.
Population: 210 000                                                                Employment in fisheries: 1 950 (450 in inshore, 1 500 in fish processing)

Surface area/km²: 1 593                                                        Coastal or inland:  coastal

Population Density/ Inhabitants/ km²:  131                          Protected areas: Wadden Sea area

Main focus of FLAG strategy

Strenghten/secure fishery, strenghten tourism, increase gross domestic product, lower unemployment, build up a network in the region.

Environmental Management (1-5, where 5 is high priority and 1 is low priority): 4

Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector (1-5): 3

Diversification into other activities (1-5): 3

Project examples and ideas

- Restoring of a lighthouse

- Adaptation of traditional fishing boats for tourism purposes

- Improving processing and distribution of small fish companies.


Lead partner or Responsible Legal Entity: County of Cuxhaven

Other key actors/organisations in the partnership: Ministry of Agriculture, other counties and municipalities, fisheries, chamber of agriculture (incl. fisheries department), two organizations for nature protection, one organization for hotels/restaurants etc (touristical aspects).

Links with LEADER:  No.   

% of public actors (on the decision-making board) 58    

% of fisheries actors:        8.3   

% of other (non-fisheries) private / NGO sector actors: 16.7

% of environmental actors:      16.7

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership:   12 

Number of individuals on main decision-making body:   12

Number of contracted staff in FLAG:       0


Total public budget of FLAG 2007-2013:              € 7 000 000

EFF:                                                                          € 4 200 000

Other public (national/ regional/ provincial):            € 2 800 000

FLAG Manager: 
Marco Witthohn 
Agentur für Wirtschaftsförderung. Kapitän-Alexander-Straße 1, 27472 Cuxhaven, Germany
marco.witthohn (at)
+49 4721/599614
Languages spoken: 
German and basic English