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FLAG-made videos


FARNET has received over 90 videos from 40 FLAGs across 12 countries after a call for videos in the context of the “Sailing towards 2020” conference. Eight of these (the “Super 8”) were selected on criteria of technical quality, message, diversity and their ability to transmit the energy and enthusiasm of local stakeholders.

Portugal - AlemTejo FLAG - Cabaz do Mar

The “Cabaz do Mar” is a short chain marketing scheme supported by the European Fisheries Fund in Portugal. This “basket of the sea” is composed of local catch from Odemira fishermen sold through a contract with its customers.                                                                                                                                               

Italy - Terre di Mare  FLAG -  Supporting fisherman 2.0 

Fish All Days and Peschereccio Mizar are two direct sales projects relying on the use of new communication technologies and social media.

France - Arcachon FLAG - Embarquez avec Pesca

Thanks to Axis4 and the work of the FLAG, fisheries and aquaculture professionals in the Arcachon area have been placed at the heart of the development of a responsible tourism offer, enabling the sector to find complementary sources of income and recognition for the vital contribution it makes to the territory.

Estonia - Lake Vortsjarv FLAG - The attractiveness of a lake

The main aim of the project was to develop the tourism potential of Jõesuu, an area in the north of the Lake Võrtsjärv region, by developing fishing tourism and building on the area´s fishing culture and traditions. Thanks to the FLAG and Axis4, a supportive entrepreneurial environment was established and, with the help of fishing–oriented tourism products, visitors were attracted to the area. 

Belgium - West Vlaanderen FLAG - A future for Belgian fishermen 

Over the last decades, the Belgian fisheries sector has been drastically reduced and the transition to more sustainable fishing practices has become a real challenge for the eighty or so remaining vessels today. 

Poland - Slowinska FLAG - My local fisheries museum

Leszek Koakowski is a passionate fisherman, passionate about his profession to the last hook, so passionate he wanted to create a unique museum in the area to showcase his unique collections. With the support of the FLAG and Axis 4 he was able to refurbish, equip and include his museum in the Regional Fisheries Heritage Road. 

United Kingdom - Cornwall FLAG - Dreckly Fish

Drecklyfish is a direct sales system developed by Cornish fishermen using twitter as a live auction. After an initial phase, they received support from Axis4 of EFF to develop it further as a collective project and scale up operations.

Spain - Mariña Ortegal FLAG - We Currican!

Thanks to the FLAG and Axis4 support, three women set up their own company in Galicia selling local fish and seafood in artisanal canning.