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Fishermen and the local municipality join forces to set up a local fish market

Fishermen and the local municipality worked together to improve selling conditions for fresh fish in Olt county with a local fish market for 170 fishermen.

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The small city of Corabia has a long tradition in fisheries and was always known for its maritime heritage. It even lends its name to an ancient ship, the Corabia.

Located on the banks of the Danube, in the south of Olt County, the city has more than 170 small-scale fishermen. While the city’s fisheries sector has traditionally been reasonably profitable, most fishermen were unable to sell their catch locally due to a lack of infrastructure for a fish market. Confronted with the challenges of long marketing chains and difficulties accessing other markets in the region, fishermen had seen their quality of life decline in recent years.

With the help of the FLAG, the Olt fisheries association asked the local municipality to support them in planning a local fish market where they could sell their catch. Construction soon followed, providing a place for fishermen to sell their catch directly in facilities up to European standards. More than 1 200 kg of fish per day is now being sold here, including species such as wels catfish, northern pike and zander. The local market also serves as a handling area and an auction hall, and is open for use by neighbouring villages as well.  

  • Results: The local auction and fish market has considerably improved conditions for the sale of fresh fish products, processed fish and aquaculture products in the town of Corabia and is visited by more than 1 000 customers per day. The local auction also provides 12 new jobs of which three are for fishermen or members of their families. The project also led to another investment from a Spanish company who, in partnership with the local fisheries association, opened a nearby fish processing unit. The unit prepares products for the local market, in particular restaurants in Corabia and supermarkets in the area.

  • Transferability: Local fish markets can be a solution for many fishermen in areas where they are unable to access others markets and want to shorten supply chains. This project illustrates how collaboration between the fisheries sector and public bodies can benefit a local community. In this case, the location and equipment wass provided by the municipality but other forms of collaboration might be established depending on local needs. 

  • Lessons: The FLAG can act as a catalyst to strengthen the relationship between local fishermen and different sectors. Nevertheless, the process requires time and dedicated people to build trust among the partners of such a project. The FLAG's commitment and support was vital in ensuring good communication among the stakeholders involved and in creating the necessary synergies to carry out the project. The FLAG also helped with the administrative process.

  • Contribution to CLLD objectives: adding value along the fisheries supply chain, job creation

Total project cost
Total project cost: €594 320

FLAG grant: €480 623

- EU contribution (EFF): €360 467

- Other public contribution (national co-financing): €120 156

Project information

Official project title in Member State language: Îmbunătăţirea condiţiilor de depozitare, microbursă de peşte şi produse de acvacultură

Official project title in translated into EN: Improving the conditions for selling local fish through a fish market and auction
Implementation duration: 18 months (September 2014-December 2015)
Case study date: October 2016
Municipality of Corabia and Olt Fisheries Association
Email: primariacorabia (at)
Telephone: +40 249 560 703, +40 747 024 919
FLAG details
FLAG Manager: Mirela Ghidurea
Email: aglppo (at)
Telephone: +40 786 197 208
FLAG factsheet

Key words: fish markets, direct sales, traceability, local fish, short circuits, processing