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FISCHtival of cultures: a colourful and international event with food and music as bridges for the integration of migrants

FISCHtival, the open air festival of concerts and food organized by the FLAG Tirschenreuth in the summer of 2015, had not expected to provide such a transformation to the local community. The initial idea behind the event was to promote the activities of the pond fishing association, which is responsible for the administration of the FLAG. The FLAG then realised the event could also reflect the efforts that were being carried out for the integration of migrants and refugees in the area. For the first time, the FLAG partnered with local welfare and educational organisations to create a successful event that brought together the region’s newcomers and its multicultural population.

During the FISCHtival, the lakeside was packed with hundreds of visitors –German locals and the migrant community could be seen dancing, laughing and eating altogether in a peaceful atmosphere. Marvellous fish dishes were cooked on-site by participants of different origins (such as Russia, Poland and Peru), incorporating the region’s local carp into recipes brought from around the world. The dishes were so successful that some recipes have been published on the FLAG’s website. The actors involved in the festival are convinced such an event could be repeated, generating additional activities for the integration of migrants.

A bridge between the local community and its newcomers was built that day.

Quote from FLAG President Hans Kupp : “In our integration efforts, food and music are the easiest bridges that we can pass.” Quote from the mayor of Tirschenreuth, Mr. Franz Stahl: “This event with citizens of Tirschenreuth from all over the world is an integration project come to life. This spirit has to be carried into the community”. 

Project information

Lead/coordinating organisation: FLAG Tirschenreuth (ARGE Fisch) together with the local branch of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO – Workers’ Welfare Association) and the local Volkshochschule (community/adult education center)

Project location: Tirschenreuth, Oberpfalz/Bavaria, Germany

Timeframe of implementation: 30-31 May 2015

Total project cost: Funded by the municipality of Tirschenreuth as part of their summer cultural program. Axis 4 resources - only FLAG management running costs

FLAG supporting the project: FLAG Tirschenreuth

Contact details and links to further project information: Tel. +49 (0)9631/88223

Project website: