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FARNET Magazine n° 8 : Marketing the local catch

Download n°8 - Spring-Summer 2013      

Marketing the local catch: new opportunities for fisheries areas

Faced with the prospect of rising costs, strict limitations on catch sizes and increasing competition from cheaper imports, more and more fishermen are re-evaluating the market potential of their catch and looking for new and more lucrative distribution channels.Zoom on the new Stockholm fish market (Sweden).

Report: The FLAG fish  

Carp is a flagship product and a driving force for sustainable local development in the Barycz valley (Poland).

Interview: Aigars Laugalis 

Report: An emotional business 

In Salento (Italy), tourism brings some great opportunities for a local fishing sector in search of added value and diversification.

Trade winds

Four innovative, area-based development projects in fisheries areas. 

Spotlight: Delivering results 

FLAGs have to provide evidence that Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) -  Axis 4  in the current period – can foster socio-economic development in a way that cannot be delivered by top-down policies.