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FARNET Magazine n° 6 : The environment as a driver of development in Europe’s fisheries areas

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Green growth for the blue economy: why protecting the environment is good for Europe's fisheries areas

The protection and sustainable management of environmental resources should not be seen only as a constraint, but also as a means of safeguarding a key asset, and an increasingly important source of jobs and development in fisheries areas.

Report: All in the same boat  

In the Pays d’Auray (France), an area facing severe pressure due to the escalating price of land, Axis 4 of the EFF is supporting the efforts of shellfish growers, fishermen, farmers and other local stakeholders to preserve the local environment, water quality and primary coastal activities

Interview: Jacqueline McGlade, excecutive Director of the European Environment Agency

Report: Exploring new paths 

On the western coast of the province of Huelva in Andalusia, Axis 4 of the EFF is investing in projects that combine environmental restoration with the professional redeployment of fishermen.

Trade winds

Four innovative, area-based development projects in fisheries areas.

Spotlight: sustainability at the core of the new European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

This article identifies some of the main building blocks of the EMFF with a particular focus on the implications for the environment and the sustainable development of fisheries areas