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FARNET Magazine n° 3: Adding value to local fisheries products


Download n°3 - Autumn-Winter 2010

Getting more from less

By adding value to fisheries products, fishing businesses can boost
their revenue and profitability without necessarily increasing the size
of their catch.

Report: Closer to the consumer

There is a significant market in the Netherlands for fresh seafood products
and fish-based pre-prepared dishes. We look at examples of initiatives in Flevoland and North-Holland.

Interview: Michel Delebarre

Michel Delebarre is President of the Territorial Cohesion Commission
(COTER) at the Committee of the Regions.

Report: From a partnership to a network

The Bassin d’Arcachon – Val de l’Eyre FLAG aims to develop and promote
the work of local food producers through the creation of a regional

Trade winds

Four innovative, area-based development projects in fisheries areas.

Spotlight: Counting on experience in Latvia

24 fisheries local action groups are drawing on their experience
of implementing the Leader programme to ensure the
success of Axis 4.

Event: 90 FLAGs meet in Gijón

The “FLAGs on the move” seminar provided participants with a first
opportunity to network and exchange views on topics of common