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FARNET Magazine n° 11: Designing the future

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Designing the future

As we shift our focus to the next programming period, it is increasingly clear that new solutions and new thinking are required to address evolving challenges. Even where FLAGs have been successful in achieving their goals in the 2007-2013 period, they will still have to reassess their situation and prepare new strategies that respond to the changing external environment,the new legislative framework, and take account of their own evolving capacity and maturity as agents of local development.

Zoom: Integrating different funds in CLLD:intensive dialogue underway in Poland

Report: Small streams make great rivers

Integrated local development in coastal Alto Minho (Portugal).


Three-way interview with Frédérique Deschamps, Gala Martinez and Manuela Sampaio, FLAG managers.

Report: A good catch

Fishermen on the island of Hiiumaa, in the Estonian archipelago, have made the most of the opportunities offered by Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).

Trade winds

Two innovative examples of boosting the effectiveness of FLAG work.

Spotlight: Improving communication and participation

Tools for FLAGs to ensure the involvement of the local community in the strategy development process.