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FARNET good practices 2007-2013: project examples, by country

With many FLAGs now up and running, there is a growing number of project examples which can inspire other good practices or provide potential partners for transnational cooperation.

Access these projects by country, THEME or LANGUAGE.

The good practices presented in this section of the FARNET website were drafted during the 2007-2013 programming period. The financial information provided - EFF funding, national co-funding, private contribution – was collected at the time of drafting and might no longer be accurate. Please note also that the total cost of the operation may include costs that are not eligible for funding under the EFF.

newExtending shrimp life span  suomi (fi) 
À l’Ostendaise            
 new Business & accounting training for fishing families suomi (fi)sv 
 new“Bagenkop Fish” cooperative trading company suomi (fi)sv
 newJammerbugt Boat Shop suomi (fi)sv
 “Put ‘n’ Take” recreational fishery suomi (fi)sv
 The dinning room of the Sea            
 Production of edible seaweed             
 Smoked weever fish            
 Crab flavouring for export             
 Multi-functional fish restaurant, shop & work space             
 Axis 4 in Denmark           
 Seatrout Fyn - Online promotion of fishing tourism             


 Fishing festivals & activities             
 Developing a recreation area              
 Supporting Orjaku Port             




Attracting young people to professional fishing suomi (fi)sv


Studying fisheries sustainability suomi (fi)sv


Developing seal-safe trap-nets            
 Axis 4 in Finland           
 Preparing a fish handling centre            
 Tourism training for fishermen           
 Tanning of fish skin             
newArrainetik: cooperative processing plant  suomi (fi) 
 Seafood Baskets           sv
 Diversifying captures           
 Jobs for injured fishermen               
 Tackling water pollution           
 Marine Protected Area management           
 Pescatourisme 83            
newGoing organic: a new image for carp suomi (fi)
 Fish from the cutter           
 Fishing Village Anno 1906          
newFish all days       
 Arts and Fisheries Festival           
 Fisheries, Angling & Education           
newFish training for future chefs suomi (fi) 
newMistral sweet factory and café      sv
 Aquamar: a new method of water purification      sv
newO melhor peixe do mundo  suomi (fi) 
 A future for the eel, fishermen and researchers cooperate           
 "Pilado” crab for bio-medicine            
 "Km 0" brand for local sourcing           
 Promoting fish markets & a fish culture           
newCurrican: artisanal canning  suomi (fi) 
newEMPREAMAR – business mentoring and coaching
 Women entrepreneurs in Andalusia’s fisheries areas  suomi (fi) sv
 Hotel “A de Lolo” suomi (fi)  sv for online fish sales    suomi (fi)       sv
 Fish from the Auction            
 Benboa: restaurant, bar & delicatessen             

Mar Galaica: coordinating & promoting fisheries-related tourism 

 Fishmeal from fish waste             
 Diversifying Cockle Picking           
 Commercialisation of new goose barnacle products             
 Diversification of ice production            
newStockholm fish market - local fishermen take the town   
 High school project for sustainable fisheries           
 Valuing by-products of vendace roe extraction           
newCommunity Seafood Officer  suomi (fi) 
 Drecklyfish: selling local seafood on Twitter           sv
 Getting young people into commercial sea fishing suomi (fi)