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National / regional events

IT- Mazara del Vallo, Sicily , 1st June 2010

The second meeting on Axis 4 implementation in Italy was held on the 01.06.2010 in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily. The meeting was hosted by the Region of Sicily and organized jointly with the Directorate General for Fisheries of the Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the DG MARE and the FARNET Support Unit.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • To provide participants with practical knowledge about several key aspects of the process of launching Axis 4.
  • To provide an opportunity for for participants to share information about how these issues are being dealt with in  different Italian regions, by other programmes such as LEADER and in other parts of Europe.
  • To identify the kinds of support that might be needed to advance in these areas.
  • To develop an action plan for Axis 4 implementation.

Territorial approaches in the future CFP

On April 13, the FARNET Support Unit, participated in a European Commission seminar on “Financial policy in the future Common Fisheries Policy (CFP)”.

The aim of the seminar was to set the scene and discuss the role of financial and structural instruments in the reformed CFP. The FSU presentation, in the session on the role of support for coastal development and small scale fleets, highlighted the opportunity Axis 4 of the EFF presented for fishing communities to test and improve local application of sectoral policies, and to explore new approaches to developing and implementing local responses to major societal challenges. The FSU also underlined the potential of the FLAGs to “lever in” support from other public and private funds, and to provide fishing communities with a voice in other local and regional policies.

The seminar attracted over 120 participants, representing the EU and international institutions, Member States, the fisheries sector, Regional Advisory Councils, environmental NGOs, and independent experts.

Further information on this event 

Training of evaluators in Poland

Poland evaluators training seminarOn 12-13 May, the Axis 4 managing authority in Poland, assisted by the FARNET Support Unit (FSU), organized a two-day training event in Warsaw for the 16 evaluators who will assess the proposed strategies submitted by potential Polish FLAGs.

The first day of the training included presentations and discussions on evaluation criteria and procedures. The second day focused on practical exercises, where participants worked in small groups on sample FLAG strategies. Representatives of the FSU and the European Commission stressed the importance of qualitative factors and the necessity to ensure that the distribution of the FLAG budgets corresponded with the real needs and opportunities detected in each area.

The Polish Managing Authority had launched a call for FLAGs in November 2009, with a deadline of 31 March 2010. 61 applications were received (of which about two thirds can be funded in this round) and these will now undergo an “eligibility and strategy check”. It is expected that the evaluation will be largely completed by the end of June 2010.

Stakeholder exchange on Axis 4 implementation in Germany

On May 20, the FARNET Support Unit organised a one day meeting in Schwerin to facilitate a first exchange on Axis 4 in Germany.

Around 25 participants took part in the event, including the Axis 4 managing authority (the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection), the bodies responsible for the implementation of Axis 4 in the Länder, as well as FLAG managers and members. The discussion focused mainly on the administrative requirements to ensure the efficient implementation of Axis 4, and on possible exchanges and cooperation at national and EU level. Participants identified the establishment of a national network as a key factor in the successful implementation of Axis 4 in Germany. The Bremerhaven FLAG volunteered to initiate networking between German FLAGs on an informal basis until questions concerning available resources for a national network have been clarified

Focus groups in Denmark, France, Lithuania and Spain

French Focus GroupDuring April and May, focus groups with FLAGs and other Axis 4 stakeholders were held in Denmark, France, Lithuania and Spain. This brings to nine the total number of countries that have now held such meetings.

Facilitated by FARNET experts, the focus groups aim to asses the support needs and aspirations of FLAGs and potential FLAGs in the countries concerned. In France, the discussion covered topics as diverse as pollution, water quality and developing labels of origin and eco-labels, while Spanish FLAGs focused mainly on issues relating to administration, animation and project eligibility.

In Denmark, adding value in the fisheries sector and combining food culture with sustainability were the main areas of interest. Both Danish and Lithuanian FLAGs also called for the development of a database of projects that could be a source of inspiration for fisheries areas, and which could also facilitate the search for cooperation partners. Cooperation was a recurring theme of all four meetings.

FARNET at the European Maritime Day 2010

EMD 2010 logoOn May 21, the FARNET Support Unit organised a workshop at the 3rd European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference in Gijon (Spain) on “the role of local partnerships in developing innovative and sustainable strategies in fisheries areas”.

The workshop, which heard from Juan Ignacio Gandarias, the Spanish Director General of Fisheries, Francois Maïtia, the Vice President of Aquitaine, Jesper Raakjer, Head of the Innovative Fisheries Research Centre in Denmark and Rosa Chapela Head of Socioeconomics CETMAR, Galicia, concluded with three key messages.

Calabria's consultation process with local actors

The region of Calabria (Italy) organised an EFF “study day” in Lamezia Termeon January 12, launching a process of awareness raising and consultationwith local actors. Attracting over 70 participants, including representatives from the fisheries sector, local administrations and local action groups, the event focused on two key EFF measures, the implementation of which requires the active participation of local actors: Local management plans aimed at the management and control of fishing rights and Axis 4 for the sustainable development of fisheries areas. During the event, Carlo Ricci, the FARNET national expert in Italy, presented the main features of Axis 4 and participated in an active discussion on its future implementation in the region.

Download presentations in Italian:

Implementazionedell’Asse 4: strategie, territori, partnership

Individuare territori adeguati

Costruire partenariati efficienti

Portuguese President attends the first national meeting of FLAG administrators in Portugal

On May 7th, 21 administrators of the seven Portuguese FLAGs, along with a representative and the coordinator of the Portuguese EFF managing body (PROMAR) met in Peniche, one of the main fishing ports in Portugal and home to the FLAG Oeste, which organised the day. The meeting was opened by the President of the Republic Mr. Aníbal Cavaco Silva who took part within the framework of the country´s 3rd “Roteiro das Comunidades Locais Inovadoras” Campaign (Roadmap for Local Innovative Communities), underlining the importance of the work developed by local fisheries communities and all Axis 4 stakeholders. This fruitful meeting aimed to optimize both the FLAGs’ operational processes and promote national cooperation. The meeting resulted in a consolidation of the relationship between FLAGs and with the Managing Authority and underscored a strong will on the part of the FLAGs to work in a collaborative way and towards common goals, despite the different socio-economic and environmental contexts of their areas.   


PL - Warsaw-Falenty, 17-18 November 2009

The first national meeting of potential Fisheries Local Action Groups. The event was organised at the initiative of the FARNET Support Unit and the European Commission in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It consisted of a training seminar for the potential FLAGs, organised by FARNET (November 17), and a conference to prepare the groups for the Axis 4 call for proposals, organised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (November 18).

IT - Palermo, 17-18 September 2009

On the 17-18 September around 40 representatives from 13 Italian regions gathered in Palermo, Sicily, for a seminar on the implementation of Axis 4. The event took place on the initiative of the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission. It was hosted by the Region of Sicily and the content was organised by the FARNET Support Unit.