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National / regional events

Network meeting Fishing areas, the Baltic Sea 8-9 Mars 2011, Visby

Fiskeriverket, the Swedish Fisheries Board organized a meeting in Visby to gather the Swedish FLAGs situated on the Baltic coast. The aim of the meeting was to get these FLAGs to start networking, identify common issues and define ways in which Axis 4 might provide opportunities to tackle challenges that the Baltic FLAGs are experiencing. The meeting gathered 9 FLAGs, which essentially shared their views, questions and proposed solutions on the Improvement of spawning grounds andrestoration of water bodies, the coexistence between Commercial and sport Salmon fishing and of course, the presence and of seal populations and how to mitigate their impact while complying to the requirements of sustainable development. 

Concrete steps were taken in how to move forward on these issues, the FLAGs  attending the meeting decided to move forward with a joint project aimed at testing seal-proof gear in cooperation with one of the laboratories from the Swedish Board of Fisheries. The participants agreed on a future meeting, next time probably in the Tornedalen fishing area, to discuss the theme of " Adding value to fisheries products".

Launch of the Portuguese National FLAG Network

The national network for Portuguese FLAGs was officially launched on February 25th, on the occasion of the second national FLAG meetings which took place in Aveiro and hosted by the area's FLAG. The network will increase and facilitate the cooperation possibilities of FLAGs at a national level, but also provide opportunities for thematic workshops, facilitate the dissemination of information and organize study visits between Portuguese FLAGs but also to other european FLAGs. 

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FLAG conference in Tallinn

A conference organised for the Estonian FLAGs by their National Network the 16th and 17th February took stock of trends in implementing Axis 4 around the country.  The FARNET Support Unit also attended the conference as did National Network representatives from Lithuania and Latvia and two FLAG managers from Denmark and Finland who were able to share their experiences with their Estonian counterparts.

Following presentations by the Estonian Ministry of Agriculture, 5 of the 8 Estonian FLAGs presented the challenges their areas faced and the types of projects that they were funding under their local strategies.

FLAG meeting and Focus group in Sweden

The 27th and 28th of October, the Swedish board of fisheries organized a second national FLAG meeting. 54 participants attended, 13 out of the 14 Swedish FLAGs were present.

The meeting was hosted in Västervik, a coastal town on the Baltic sea in the “Kustlandet” FLAG area. It offered an opportunity for exchange experience and knowledge between newly selected and more experienced FLAGs as well as with the Managing Authority and Paying Agency in specific administrative training sessions and working groups dedicated to cooperation and lessons learnt to date in Axis 4. Useful exchanges also took place with the FARNET Support unit, which was invited to present its work and run a focus group with FARNET geographical expert for Sweden, Stig Hanson.

Specific and more general questions were raised during these two days, such as - How to create and animate a national network - The possibility of adjusting the strategy and area of a FLAG within the period - Examples of on-going cooperation projects - Outreach to entrepreneurs and potential project holders. A full report on the focus group will be published on the FARNET website shortly.

More information

Fiskeriverket: the Swedish board of fisheries

Sweden: map and available FLAGsheets 

Baltic Networking


Representatives from the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian fisheries networks met in Tallinn, Estonia, the 5th of November, with a view to examining cooperation possibilities across the Baltic States. Discussions shed light on the work programmes of the three national networks and examined areas where certain activities could be coordinated.

Participants concluded that the obvious areas for cooperation were on exchange of contacts and best practice as well as encouraging cross-border cooperation between the FLAGs. The first step towards promoting such exchanges and cooperation will be the organization of joint events for FLAGs.   The availability of information was identified as a major need and the networks proposed creating databases with project examples, cooperation proposals, fishing business information, and fishing tourism information. In order to formalize their will to cooperate, the three networks have proposed signing a cooperation agreement.

Taking stock in Galicia: meeting with the Cofradías in Vigo

The heads of the Galician fishing organizations (cofradías), and other actors involved in the development of Axis 4 projects in the region, met on October 6 to discuss challenges encountered during the first call for projects (...)


Innovation in fisheries areas conference - October 19th, Vigo (ES)

The conference « innovation in fisheries areas », jointly organized by the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and Directorate General for Regional Policy, will take place in Vigo, Spain, on October 19th 2010.

This conference will gather actors from various fisheries-related sectors in order to exchange experience and define future roles and strategies for EU funded innovation in fisheries and maritime areas.

The conference and panel discussions are organized around four themes:

  • Information and communication technologies in the fisheries industry
  • Renewable energies in coastal areas
  • Coastal and fishing tourism and other activities of economic diversification
  • Innovation in fishing, aquaculture and fish processing industries

Registration can be done on-line at the following address:

Registration code: Vigoconference2010

Deadline for registration: 26 september 2010

Contact point and information:

Transnational Axis 4 Conference in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture is organising an international conference on the EFF Axis 4, on the 28-29th of October this year. The conference aims to present experience and good practice examples of implementing fisheries local development strategies.

The Lithuanian authorities encourage participation of FLAG members from across the Baltic Sea countries, as well from the rest of Europe and are also looking for knowledgeable speakers who can share their experiences and expertise. The conference aims to cover a broad range of topics including:
•    strengthening the competiveness of fisheries areas; restructuring and redirecting economic activities;
•    protecting the environment in fisheries areas to maintain their attractiveness;
•    regional / territorial marketing;  
•    development of small scale fisheries businesses and employment creation in the fisheries areas;
•    innovations and innovative ideas in fisheries areas.

For further information please contact Ms. Simona Utaraitė, tel: +370 523 984 84, e-mail: SimonaU[at]zum,lt

Seminar in San Sebastian for French and Spanish FLAGs, 9th July 2010

The Basque Government and its public agency IMK are organizing a seminar in San Sebastián, Spain, on July 9th for coastal development actors. The day will bring together French and Spanish fisheries local action groups as well as rural development actors and public bodies involved in the implementation of Axis 4 of the EFF.

Although the Basque Country does not implement Axis 4 of the EFF, the region is interested in facilitating a similar approach to local development in its coastal areas and the seminar is designed to encourage exchanges of experience with LEADER action groupes (LAGs) that are up and running as well as fostering cooperation. The CFP reform and the implementation of Axis 4 will be the key topics of discussion.

Report of the seminar 

Program and further information

Axis 4 in The Netherlands: 25th June 2010 - lunch time conference in Brussels

At the initiative of the Dutch Ministry for Agriculture and Nature & Food Quality and the Province of Flevoland, and with the support of the European Commission, a lunch meeting was organized on the 25th of June at DG MARE, Brussels, to present the state of play of Axis 4 implementation in the Netherlands and, in particular, in the Province of Flevoland.

The meeting was hosted by Mr Philip Ten Napel, Axis 4 Officer at the Dutch Ministry for Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality. Mr Ten Napel outlined the country´s vision for Axis 4 and the role it could play in promoting the integration of local businesses into the sustainable development of fisheries areas as well as in fostering diversification and value added for local fisheries products.