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European Parliament hearing on Axis 4: invite your MEP’s!

Two Members of the European Parliament (Mr Chris Davies and Mr Pat the Cope Gallagher) are organizing a hearing within the European Parliament in Brussels to present the Axis 4 approach to their fellow MEPs. This hearing will take place during the lunch break of PECH Committee meeting of November 6th.

We are encouraging FLAGs, and other stakeholders, to draw the attention of their local MEP  to this event and motivate them to take part. The objective of the hearing is to inform MEPs from different committees and Member States about the Commission’s proposal for the sustainable development of fisheries areas within the future Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

The main goal of this proposal is to support fishing communities to take their future in to their own hands, to help them diversify their local economies by building links with other sectors (maritime sectors, tourism including water based activities, food, renewable energy etc.) and to help them add value to their products locally.

This form of "community-led local development”, inspired by the Leader approach, can in the future be supported by several European Funds in parallel (EAFRD, EMFF, ESF, ERDF). All Funds will follow the same rules/ approach from 2014. Lowri Evans, the Director General of DG MARE will be present to introduce MEPs to examples of the types of "community-led development" that can take place in fisheries areas and be funded by European Funds.

Two stakeholders that have been involved in EU-funded local fisheries projects will also talk about their experience at this seminar. In addition to the presentation of these projects, there will be a panel debate with MEPs, the Director General of DG MARE and local stakeholders.

For more information about this event, and how you can contribute informing your MEP, please contact us at