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Socio-economic dimensions in EU fisheries: final study report

This report presents the results from a study commissionned by DG MARE of the European Commission. It is intended to make a contribution to understanding local processes of development and diversification and the role of fisheries in coastal communities through the collection of primary data at the local level. The study focuses on selected locations within four fisheries-dependent maritime regions of the EU: Galicia (Spain), Sicily (Italy), Brittany (France) and Shetland (UK).



The study also examines where fisheries are located within the local economic setting, collecting information about the role and contribution of fisheries and their relation to other economic activities. The outputs from this study provide further evidence of the social and economic profiles of maritime communities and fishers from key fisheries dependent regions of maritime Europe. Understanding fisher behaviours and responses to policy, economic environmentaland social change requires data on the structure of the catching sub-sector, including linkages and the local social and economic determinants of fisher decision-making.