Welcome to FARNET... the European Fisheries Areas Network

The European Fisheries Areas Network (FARNET) brings together all fisheries areas supported by priority Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF). Through information exchange and a dedicated support unit, this network aims to assist the different stakeholders involved in the sustainable development of fisheries areas at local, regional, national and European level.

The core of the network is made up of over 300 Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs). These public-private partnerships, set up at local level, work towards the sustainable development of their areas. Based in 21 Member States, these FLAGs each manage a budget to support a range of projects proposed and carried out by a wide variety of local stakeholders.

Common challenges, oceans of opportunity

Fisheries areas across the EU are confronting significant challenges. A decline in income and employment in the fishing sector has underlined the urgent need for new, sustainable and inclusive solutions.

Europe’s oceans, seas and inland waters, and the environmental and cultural assets linked to them, represent a vast and rich resource which can provide new opportunities for economic and social renewal. A key challenge, therefore, is to re-evaluate the potential of these assets in order to identify and develop new, more diversified and more sustainable economic activities and employment.

Priority Axis 4 of the EFF

Priority Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) provides support for the sustainable development of fisheries areas. This involves adding value and creating jobs at all stages of the fisheries and aquaculture supply chain, as well as supporting diversification inside and outside fisheries.
Furthermore, Axis 4 aims to provide local people in general, and fishing communities in particular, with a tool for participating in and benefiting from the potential of blue growth and coastal development.
It does this by bringing together local people from all sectors – public, private and civil society - into Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) that design and implement integrated local development strategies that meet their needs. 

FARNET Support Unit

The aim of the FARNET Support Unit is to support and facilitate this process. The FARNET Support Unit  is the technical assistance team established by the European Commission to assist in the implementation of Axis 4. It consists of a permanent team of 10 people, based in Brussels, assisted by 21 regional experts.

What we do:
•    Provide direct support for FLAGs and administrations
•    Identify and disseminate good practices
•    Support transnational cooperation
•    Monitor and analyse the key developments in the programme

How we do it:
•    Expert advice and assistance
•    Events: transnational seminars, conferences
•    Publications: bi-monthly electronic newsletter, a twice yearly FARNET Magazine, thematic and methodological guidebooks and other technical reports
•    The FARNET website

Working together

In carrying out its activities, the FARNET Support Unit works closely with the European Commission, the Member State administrations, the national fisheries networks and with the FLAGs, which together constitute the European Fisheries Areas Network (FARNET).

Contact the FARNET team

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