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News from FARNET Germany: preparing for transition

The 2nd meeting of FARNET Germany will be hosted on September 24th and 25th by the FLAG Karpfenteichregion Oberlausitz” (Saxony), enabling German FLAGs to discover and experience the diversity of the German fishing areas.

Newspiece provided by FARNET Germany*

The main topics will be the transition from the EFF to the EMFF and the challenge of public co-financing. In addition to a short overview by Mrs. Christine Falter of DG MARE, FLAGs will discuss the state of preparations being made the national and regional (Bundesländer) Managing Authorities. 

Along with the establishment of the Network’s work programme, one of the main goals of the event will be to discuss the challenge of co-financing in light of Germany´s LEADER experience. Building upon these exchanges, FARNET Germany aims to develop a position paper proposing how to tackle the issues of national co-financing.

* German FLAGs cooperate under an official National FLAG Network, “FARNET Germany”, this network is now animated by a recently recruited project manager.

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