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Network meeting Fishing areas, the Baltic Sea 8-9 Mars 2011, Visby

Fiskeriverket, the Swedish Fisheries Board organized a meeting in Visby to gather the Swedish FLAGs situated on the Baltic coast. The aim of the meeting was to get these FLAGs to start networking, identify common issues and define ways in which Axis 4 might provide opportunities to tackle challenges that the Baltic FLAGs are experiencing. The meeting gathered 9 FLAGs, which essentially shared their views, questions and proposed solutions on the Improvement of spawning grounds andrestoration of water bodies, the coexistence between Commercial and sport Salmon fishing and of course, the presence and of seal populations and how to mitigate their impact while complying to the requirements of sustainable development. 

Concrete steps were taken in how to move forward on these issues, the FLAGs  attending the meeting decided to move forward with a joint project aimed at testing seal-proof gear in cooperation with one of the laboratories from the Swedish Board of Fisheries. The participants agreed on a future meeting, next time probably in the Tornedalen fishing area, to discuss the theme of " Adding value to fisheries products".