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A Mediterranean Network for Axis 4?

The Spanish Network held a meeting the 30th  March where FLAGs agreed that a network to promote contacts and cooperation with other Mediterranean FLAGs would be beneficial. The proposal, originally made by the Catalan FLAG, Litoral Costa Ebre, could see the development of a network along the lines of the Baltic Sea Region Network. However, further discussions need to be held with the other Mediterranean countries in question. 

The network meeting also covered an overview of 2010 activities which revealed that the Spanish FLAGs had approved 96 projects which between them represent a total budget of €16 million. 51% of these projects are expected to create jobs. Another interesting point from the meeting was an announcement that the Ministry for the Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries had established contact with the national tourism institute with a view to developing marine tourism products. As such, work is due to start on market studies and common definitions for such activities. 


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