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French FLAGs meet on pescatourism in Saint Raphaël, France.

French FLAGs and local, regional and national fishing committees met in March to discuss pesca-tourism in France and, in particular, how to move towards developing a specific legal framework for the activity. The event was hosted by Marco Polo Echanger Autrement and co-organised with the Var FLAG.


With support from Axis 4, Marco Polo has led a project since 2009 to explore conditions necessary for putting pesca-tourism in place in

picture: E. Boudet

the Var (type of pesca-tourism possible; safety conditions to respect; legal issues…) and to trial such activities.

The National Department of Maritime Affairs and a number of other stakeholders also participated in the discussions and work is ongoing to find a legal framework which meets the needs of the various fishing communities around France as well as the conditions necessary to ensure the safety of tourists taking part in the activity.

A full case study on Marco Polo´s pilot project has been developed and will be available shortly on the FARNET website.

More information: the Var FLAG