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FARNET Magazine n° 9 : Linking fisheries to the tourism economy

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Linking fisheries to the tourism economy

Although FLAGs across Europe operate in very different environments and adopt very different strategies, an overwhelming majority have identified tourism as an essential element of their strategic approach. 

Zoom: Pesca-tourism in Sardinia (Italy)

Sardinia is among the leading regions in Europe when it comes to pesca-tourism and related activities.

Report: Fishing, an ally of low-impact tourism

The low intensity tourism that predominates in the delta of the Ebro River (Spain) draws increasingly on aspects of the fisheries sector. In addition to local gourmet products, a range of new fisheries-related tourism services are now also attracting visitors.

People: Stephanie Maes  

Report: The missing link  

In the far north of Finland, fishermen have turned to tourism to diversify and increase their income. The process began with a training programme supported by Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund.

Trade winds

Four innovative, area-based development projects in fisheries areas. 

Spotlight: Pesca-tourism around Europe 

Many FLAGs have been keen to capitalise on the potential of pesca-tourism to promote local fisheries products and attract visitors to discover their area’s fishing heritage. However, pesca-tourism often faces prohibitive legal and administrative barriers, and in some countries it is simply not permitted.