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FARNET Magazine n° 4: Diversifying Europe's fisheries areas


Download n°4 - Spring-Summer 2011

The need to diversify fisheries areas in Europe

Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund (EFF) aims to help the inhabitants of fisheries areas to improve their livelihoods by developing new activities. Zoom on Andalusia.

Report: Surfing on a wave of innovation

The central-west coast of Portugal is exploring new opportunities for diversification in fishing, tourism and cultural heritage.

Interview: Katia Frangoudes

Katia Frangoudes is a researcher and founding member of AKTEA, the European Network of Women's Organisations in Fisheries and Aquaculture.

Report: Back to the islands

Upstream projects to diversify fishing in the Stockholm archipelago (Sweden).

Trade winds

Four innovative, area-based development projects in fisheries areas.

Spotlight: New prospects for Poland's fisheries areas

How is Poland using its Axis 4 funds? Three questions to Kazimierz Plocke, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.