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FARNET Guide #4: Steps for Success

FARNET Guide Steps for successThis guide has been developed to support Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) in moving from the planning and development phase of activity to becoming fully operational.  It is targeted in particular at the second wave of FLAGs which are expected to come on stream in 2011.  The guide focuses on three themes which were identified as priority needs for support by FLAGs at the ‘FLAGs on the Move’ seminar in Gijon in the spring of 2010.  Each theme is presented as a separate chapter and can be read as such however the guide is designed to complement the first FARNET guide, the Start Up Guide for FLAGs.
The three themes are:
•    Managing effective partnerships;
•    Cultivating private sector involvement and investment; and
•    Active project development and selection.

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