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Examples of tools

The documents listed below are provided only as examples, to be used as potential sources of inspiration rather than blueprints. They are meant to be adapted to each national or local context. The following documents were produced from the previous seminars on Axis 4 meetings organized in Porto (PT) Marseille (FR) and Sevilla (ES). The Working Documents from Seville and the first part of the Working Document from Marseille are particularly relevant for administrations setting up Fisheries Local Action Groups.

  • Porto (June 2006) - Guide for the implementation of Axis 4:      
  • Sevilla (January 2007) - Implementing Axis 4: some useful questions and suggestions:  
  • Marseille (June 2008) - Tools for launching Axis 4 of the EFF :  

Calls for proposals

and application guidelines

  • Galicia : Draft from the Xunta de Galicia of the order of the Council on Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, calling for applications for the selection of Costal Action Groups, assistance and the corresponding management procedure. (6 February 2008)
  • France  : Elements of the terms of reference of the call for proposals under Axis 4 of the EFF
  • Spain - Galicia  : Applicants guide (eligible areas, selection criteria and guidelines for strategy development) new

Articles of association

Assessment criteria

  • France: 3 tools to assess groups' applications
    • Specifications for applications - chapter 4:
    • Assessment grid:  
    • Assessment grid - explanatory note:   
  • For selecting LEADER local action groups: in Spain, example of Extremadura  
  • For selecting Fisheries local action groups
    • Assessment criteria for the declaration of interest (Marseille p.14 Fiche 1.2)
    • Assessment criteria for the final selection of FLAGs (Marseille p.30 Fiche 1.4)

Training and capacity building

  • Extracts of a training plan for implementing the measure “Sustainable development of fisheries areas” Example of Estonia
  • Information seminars and training for local actors (Marseille WD) p.32 Fiche 1.5.

Good practice

  • WWF “Smart Investments” guide  illustrating how to promote sustainable fisheries through EFF projects.
  • Good practice examples  from other programmes (PESCA, EQUAL, INTERREG, etc…) providing ideas on the range and type of Axis 4 eligible projects.
  • Example of strategy of LEADER local action group: Scotland - Moray 

Group strategies