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The Blue Economy Business & Science Forum: 12-13 September in Hamburg

The European Commission organised the first summit of the Blue Economy Business and Science Forum which gathered around 200 participants at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg. The event also hosted the ceremony for DG MARE’s Blue Economy Business Awards 2016, rewarding those who have made contributions in developing innovation in the Blue Economy.

The Forum was launched in 2015 as a platform for business, science, finance and policy representatives to exchange knowledge and experience, discuss opportunities and barriers for innovation in the blue economy. It recognises scientific and industrial achievements and provides the Commission with timely advice.

The finalists per category were:

-  The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) named ‘European Blue Economy Business of the Year’

-  Yves Van Ingelgem of Zensor named ‘Rising Blue Star of the Year’

-  Angela Schultz-Zehden of SUBMARINER Network named ‘Woman of the Year’

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