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Proposed cooperation: The Italian dello Stretto FLAG from Calabria is urgently looking for partners for a transnational cooperation project called SHADES, or “Sustainable and Holistic Approaches to Development in European Seaboards”. The project focuses on Integrated Coastal Management (ICM and aims to facilitate an exchange of information and know-how on ICM and develop guidelines for mainstreaming integrated coastal management in partners’ areas. Please contact the FLAG by the 23rd December 2013 if this area of work is of interest to you. 

Cooperation Factsheet - Integrated Coastal Management  

Proposed cooperation: Community gardens and Community Supported Agriculture are now well established concepts, but in the Pays Marennes Oléron the association IODDE, a partner of local FLAG is reflecting on the potential to develop a form of community or shared aquaculture.

Cooperation factsheet

The region is well known for the production of oysters, which were traditionally farmed in ponds called “claires” that are created in marshes and rely on tides and sluices to create optimum growing conditions. Many are now abandoned or serve other purposes, but the FLAG is exploring the possibility of creating shared production entities that would help restore these abandoned ponds, enabling shareholders to learn about the production and harvesting techniques and participate in sustaining a local environmental service.

The FLAG would like to learn from other similar initiatives elsewhere in Europe, such as in the Danish FLAG Djursland area (project Sea-garden of Ebeltoft Vig )

If your FLAG or partners would like to participate in this exchange, contact the FLAG, the project promoter, or the FARNET Support Unit.




Proposed cooperation: Restocking of fish in the sea

FLAG info: Italy (Managing Authority – Calabria region)

Contact person: Andrea Ponticelli

Phone(s): +39 6 86328165

Language(s): French, Italian

Proposed cooperation: We are looking for cooperation in setting up green/ecological fish farms

FLAG info: FLAG Djursland, Denmark

Contact person: Peter von KohlAddress: Birkedommervej 11, Voldby, 8500 Grenaa, Denmark

E-mail: senior (at)

Phone(s): +45 22 74 22 44

Language(s): Scandinavian, English, German

Proposed cooperation: Marine litter

FLAG info: Bassin d’Arcachon-Val de l’Eyre, France

Contact person: Olivier Laban

Address: 24 port de Meyran-Ouest 33470 Gujan Mestras, France

E-mail: olivier-laban (at)

Phone(s): +33 680 60 27 02

Language(s): French

Proposed cooperation: High environmental value areas (inland and marine)

FLAG info: GDP Malaga, Spain

Contact person: Antonia Sola

Address: C/ Real, 17 Caleta de Velez, Velez, Malaga, España

E-mail: gdp (at)

Phone(s): +34 979 223 948


Language(s): Spanish, English

Proposed cooperation: Fish resource preservation, clean rivers, providing suitable fish spawning areas in rivers

FLAG info: Cesis District Rural Partnership, LatviaContact person: Maris Cirulis

Address: Jana Poruka street 8, Cesis, Cesis district, LV-4101

E-mail: maris (at)

Phone(s): +371 29782159, +371 64122854

Skype: maris_cirulis


Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Exchange experiences of using fishwaste for anaerobic digestion plant to produce biogas

FLAG info: Cornwall FLAG, UK

Contact person: Claire Hurley

E-mail: claire.hurley (at)

Phone(s): +44 1209 611115

Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Seal and cormorant problems in the Baltic Sea

FLAG info: Ostrobothnian FLAG, Finland

Contact person: Mikael Nygard, Guy Svänback

Address: Handelsespl. 22, 65100 Vasa, Finland

E-mail: mikael.nygard (at), guy.svanback (at)

Phone(s): +358 50 3081379, +358 500 860 566


Language(s): Swedish, Finnish, English

Other information: expert area in seal questions in Finland

Proposed cooperation: Cooperation to solve our fishing problem with cormorants and seals

FLAG info: FLAG Kustlinjen (Sweden), FLAG Hiiukala (Estonia);  several FLAGs in Sweden and Estonia are interested

Contact persons: Lia. Rosenberg, Christina Frieberg

E-mail: info (at), christina (at)

Language(s): English

Proposed cooperation: Grey seal hunting

FLAG info: Fiskeområde Tornedalen

Contact person: Börje RytiniemiAddress: Matarengiv. 21, 95731 Ővertorneå, Sweden

E-mail: borje (at)

Phone: +46 70 2693820


Language(s): Swedish, English, Finnish

Proposed cooperation: Good practice for building a fish path over the dam on the river

FLAG info: Cesis District Rural Partnership, Latvia

Contact person: Maris Cirulis

Address: Jana Poruka street 8, Cesis, Cesis district, LV-4101

E-mail: maris (at)

Phone(s): +371 29782159, +371 64122854

Skype: maris_cirulis


Language(s): English