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Culture and heritage



Project proposed: Community gardens and Community Supported Agriculture are now well established concepts, but in the Pays Marennes Oléron the association IODDE, a partner of local FLAG is reflecting on the potential to develop a form of community or shared aquaculture.

Cooperation factsheet

The region is well known for the production of oysters, which were traditionally farmed in ponds called “claires” that are created in marshes and rely on tides and sluices to create optimum growing conditions. Many are now abandoned or serve other purposes, but the FLAG is exploring the possibility of creating shared production entities that would help restore these abandoned ponds, enabling shareholders to learn about the production and harvesting techniques and participate in sustaining a local environmental service.

The FLAG would like to learn from other similar initiatives elsewhere in Europe, such as in the Danish FLAG Djursland area (project Sea-garden of Ebeltoft Vig )

If your FLAG or partners would like to participate in this exchange, contact the FLAG, the project promoter, or the FARNET Support Unit.




Proposed cooperation: we have a fishery information and entertainment centre (theatre, cafeteria, tourist  info, shop, exhibition).

FLAG info: Bremerhaven, Germany

Topics: linkage between fishery-exhibition, exchange of exhibitions? ...

Contact person: Michael Gerber

Address: FBG mbH, Lengstraße 1, 27572 Bremerhaven, Germany

E-mail: gerber (at)

Phone(s): +49 471 97 32 152, +49 151 12 70 77 62 

Language(s): German, English

Proposed cooperation: Interpretation centres (exhibitions/tourism/nature conservation centres), museums

FLAG info: GDP Cadiz-Estrecho

Contact person: Maria José Dominguez

Address: Vivero de Empresas s/n, 11160 Barbate (Cadiz), España

E-mail: gerencia (at)

Phone(s): +34 956 922 396, +34 625 338 360


Language(s): Spanish

Proposed cooperation: Local products from natural spaces in the Mediterranean

FLAG info: FLAG Litoral Costa del Ebro, Spain

Contact person: Albert Hernandez

Address: Corsini no 1 (cantonada Torreta), 43870 Amposta, Spain

E-mail: gal.ebrelitoral (at)

Phone(s): +34 609 375 974, +34 639 134 908

Language(s): Spanish, French

Proposed cooperation: Exchange of netmakers for setting up associations and training purposes

FLAG info: FLAG Costa da Morte, Galicia, Spain

Contact person: Guillermo Gonzalez Diez

E-mail: gal3 (at)

Phone(s): +34 981 707 378

Proposed cooperation: Cultural heritage of the fishery sector (handicraft connected with fishing, old style fishing etc.)

FLAG info: Morenka FLAG

Contact person: Grazyna Wera-Malatyoska

Address: ul. Gimnazjalna 7, 89-600 Chojnice, Poland

E-mail: biuro (at)

Phone(s): +48 504 100 091

Language(s): Polish, English

Proposed cooperation: developing cultural heritage in the fishery sector, museums and exhibitions

FLAG info: Ostrobothnian FLAG, Finland

Contact person: Mikael Nygard, Guy Svänback

Address: Handelsespl. 22, 65100 Vasa, Finland

E-mail: mikael.nygard (at), guy.svanback (at)

Phone(s): +358 50 3081379, +358 500 860 566


Language(s): Swedish, Finnish, English




Proposed cooperation: Exchange between fishery museums, advices to develop a fishery museum, linking websites, translation, looking for additional ideas. Promote local fishery products.

FLAG info: Karpfenland Mittlere Oberpfalz (Schwandorf)

Contact person: Harald MEIER

Address: Wackersdorfer Strasse 80 D-92421 Schwandorf

E-mail: harald.meier (at)

Phone(s): +49/9431/471 - 481


Language(s): German - English

FLAG info: Hoogeland, NL

Contact person: Jan BEEKMAN

Address: Postbus 610, 9700 AP Groningen

E-mail: jabeekman (at)

Phone(s): +31/503.16.42.39 - +31/503.17.31.00


Language(s) Dutch – English – German - French

Proposed cooperation: The FORUM FISHBAHNHOF in Bremerhaven is interested in cooperation with other fish information centres (+ business for tourist /local people).

FLAG info: Fischwirtschaftsgebiet Bremerhaven

Contact person: Michael GERBER


E-mail: gerber (at)

Phone(s): +49471.9464.6310


Language(s): German, English

Other information:  Our Forum will be operational in 2011/2012