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Cooperation proposals


Cooperation Proposals are ideas that are submitted by FLAGs in order to invite partners to undertake joint projects with them. FLAGs can submit such proposals during FARNET transnational seminars, or can send them directly to the FARNET Support Unit. Most of these proposals focus on a specific theme. Submissions should be sent to info (at) using the standard form. 




Send FARNET your cooperation proposals 


Adding value to fisheries products                                                      



Short circuits and marketing

New products

Support to local fisheries & processing businesses

Promotion & awareness raising




Pescatourism, angling, recreation

Gastronomy and culinary heritage

New activities, new products

Promotion of the area


Environment, society and culture     Governance and management 



Culture and heritage 

Specific types of areas



Cooperation with LEADER

Cooperation with local public bodies

Cooperation with fisheries organisations

Cooperation with protected areas

















See proposals submitted at FARNET seminars: Almere 2010, Gdynia 2011.