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Cooperation corner - Almere seminar

On the occasion of the third transnational FARNET seminar (17-18 November, Almere, NL), a cooperation corner was inaugurated for FLAGs to communicate their ideas, requests or proposals for national or transnational cooperation.

Several cooperation topics were identified and have been assembled in five broad cooperation themes.

Under each of these themes, listed below, you will find a description of the cooperation proposed and the general information of the FLAGs interested in that cooperation topic. You will also find the contact details, website and basic informations on the proposed cooperation subject.

To react on these cooperation ideas, ask for further details or propose a new cooperation subject, please contact the FARNET team at

In addition, please have a look at our cooperation discussion group on Linked In, where you will be able to exchange on each of these identified cooperation themes.

Fishing museums

Environment, tradition and identity of area

Joint promotion


Entrepreneurship / marketing