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What type of decision making system should the FLAG set up?

The decision making system used by the FLAGs will vary with both the national and local context. Some organisations use systems based on ‘one member one vote’ and/or insist on unanimity. In others, the votes are proportional to the weight of the partners within the community and there is a greater use of majority voting.

It is important for the local community to be able to see that the system is fair, transparent and efficient, and that there are safeguards preventing undue political, financial and personal influence.

Another issue that needs to be clearly defined is the division of responsibilities between elected partners and full time staff. The normal approach is for the staff to be responsible for the appraisal of the project (ensuring its technical competence, eligibility, realism etc) and for the partners to be in charge of decision making on the basis of recommendations made by the technical team.