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What synergies can there be between the FLAGs implementing Axis 4 strategies and other policies and measures in the area?

One of the main aims of Axis 4 is to develop integrated local strategies which cover the needs of the fisheries areas. These strategies must, therefore, take account of and look for synergies with measures being implemented by other axes of the EFF, other programmes such as LEADER and initiatives funded by other sources of European funding. The operations funded by Axis 4 should complement and, where possible, add value to these other initiatives avoiding duplication of actions funded by other sources.
Where a FLAG area overlaps with the area of a Leader LAG the local strategy should include a section on complementarity and synergy.
In fact, Axis 4 can make a major contribution by developing a strategy which provides a single coherent framework for all the operations being carried out in fisheries areas. The FLAG partnership can create the governance mechanism for integrating them on the ground.