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What is the specific advantage of using Axis 4? Are there any actions that can be carried out by Axis 4 that cannot be carried out under other programmes or funds such as LEADER or the ERDF?

The Regulations for all EU Funds specify that there must be clear and transparent guidelines to prevent duplication and double funding. The "demarcation line" between different Funds has been defined for each country in the Operational Programme.

In fact many of the actions contemplated in Axis 4 could, in principle, be funded by other programmes such as LEADER or the ERDF. The main benefit of Axis 4 comes from bringing together a series of actions into a local strategy and mobilizing local actors into a partnership both of which are designed to meet the specific needs of fisheries areas.  It is a specific tool and approach to address these needs and to provide real added value in the fisheries area concerned.