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What are the key features of Axis 4?

There are five key features which characterise the approach promoted under Axis 4:

1. The local territorial approach: funds are concentrated on the fisheries areas that need them most and actions supported are designed to meet the diverse needs of these areas;

2. Integrated strategies: a local development strategy ensures that the actions undertaken reinforce each other, building on the unique strengths and opportunities of each fisheries area, and also addressing specific weaknesses and threats;

3. Participation and partnership: the strategy mobilises the knowledge, energy and resources of local actors from the public, private and community and voluntary sector, which come together to form the Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG). The FLAG facilitates local decision-making on strategic priorities and on the use of resources to implement the strategy;

4. Local innovation: the strategy seeks to exploit new markets, new products and new ways of working, both in the fisheries sector and in other local sectors;

5. Networking and cooperation: fisheries areas and communities learn from each other and find allies for strengthening their position in a global economy.