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Is there a minimum budget recommended for the FLAGs in the implementation of Axis 4?

The EFF Regulation does not specify a minimum budget for FLAGs delivering Axis 4. However, it does say that the FLAG areas must have ‘’sufficient critical mass in terms of human, financial and economic resources to support a viable local development strategy” (Article 45.3). This local development strategy must be based on the interaction between actors, sectors and operations and go beyond ‘’a mere collection of operations or a juxtaposition of sectoral measures” (Implementing Regulation Article 24). In other words Axis 4 is there to implement a genuine and integrated local development strategy not a single project or a cluster of projects in any one sector including fisheries, nor an aggregation of individual projects from across sectors.
Past experience in similar programmes like LEADER suggests that delivery of such a strategy is difficult to achieve with a total public budget per group of below €2 million for the whole programming period (EFF and national public co-financing). If the figure falls below €1 million the FLAGs might find that their activities tend to be limited mainly to soft or revenue funding measures and pilot projects in a limited number of fields.