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PISCES: a LIFE project to develop sustainable practices in the Celtic Sea

A pioneering €2.1M project launched on the 10th May to help ensure a sustainable future for the Celtic Sea.

PISCES, a project funded by DG Environment´s LIFE programme, will in the coming years look at methods to promote ecosystem-based approaches to the management of the Celtic Sea. The Celtic Sea is an intensively frequented and exploited maritime area with very specific characteristics in terms of biodiversity and ecosystems. Such characteristics led to the design of the « Irish Conservation Box », a maritime protected area covering over 100 000 km² and where special measures are enforced to control fishing and other extractive uses.

The PISCES project, led by WWF-UK in partnership with WWF-Spain and The Environment Council with additional support from SeaWeb and the Coastal & Marine Resources Centre, University College Cork, involves a core group of 27 stakeholders from England, Wales, Ireland, France and Spain, representing a range of activities such as coastal recreation, ports, shipping, offshore infrastructure, aquaculture and fisheries. These partners will collaborate with the aim to provide by 2012 a set of guidelines for delivering an ecosystem-approach to marine management for the Celtic Sea, enabling to ensure the continuity of these activities without jeopardising marine wildlife. 

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The Irish Conservation Box