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Is it possible to implement projects in Axis 4 that are also eligible under other axes?

FLAGs can play a useful role in helping project promoters in their area to access funding from other axes of the EFF by supporting them in preparing their applications.
Axis 4 should be used to support the implementation of local development strategies which aim at the broader socio-economic development of a fisheries area. The allocations for Axis 4 are limited and thus Axis 4 should focus on achieving its primary objective and finance measures eligible under the other axes only when it fits the local development strategy.  
If the SWOT and strategy for a specific area suggest that some of the measures of the
ther axes are useful for achieving the objectives of the local strategy they could be incorporated. Since this would mean that the operations corresponding to these measures would be approved by the FLAG as one of their projects and would be covered by the FLAG budget, a clear reference to the strategy should justify the use of Axis 4. In such cases all the rules and conditions envisaged in the EFF Regulation for these axes/measures must be respected (c.f. article 44.3).