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Is it possible for FLAGs to cooperate with Leader LAGs and other similar groups?

The EFF Regulation states that support for the sustainable development of fisheries areas may be granted for “promoting inter-regional and transnational cooperation among groups in fisheries areas, mainly through networking and the dissemination of best practice” (Article 44.1h).

The EFF Regulation (Articles 43.3 and 4) simply states fisheries areas should be limited in size and, as a general rule, smaller than NUTS 3. The priority areas for assistance can either have a low population density or fishing in decline or small fisheries communities. They should be sufficiently coherent from a geographical, economic and social point of view.

From the Regulation, therefore, it appears that Axis 4 should support cooperation between these types of fisheries areas. This means that, where it is proved to be necessary, Fisheries Local Action Groups funded by Axis 4 could cooperate with “Axis 4 or LEADER like” groups in fisheries areas which fulfil the conditions above but have not actually been selected for Axis 4. 

In these cases, Axis 4 would only fund the actions corresponding to the groups and areas that have actually been selected by the programme.