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How can activities for promoting interregional and trans-national cooperation be financed?

These activities can be financed either by Axis 4 or by Axis 5.

In the case of Axis 4, Article 44 (1) (h) envisages two types of actions:
(1) interregional and transnational cooperation between groups, and
(2) networking between groups and disseminating best practices. Networking within Axis 4 refers to networking activities between a limited number of groups, the national networks being supported under axis 5 (see below).

Under axis 4 there are two possibilities for financing both types of actions (1 and 2):
(A) from the budget held by the groups (which needs to be clearly distinguished from the group's budget for the local development strategy) in cases where the MA has decided to decentralise the cooperation/ networking budget to the FLAGs, or
(B) from part of the Axis 4 budget held by the MA in cases where the MA has decided to administer the cooperation/networking budget centrally and disburse it to the FLAGs via open calls.
As far as Axis 5 is concerned, the Member States are encouraged to use it for the establishment of ONE national network which will comprise all the groups of the country. The national network will be the main counterpart of the EU-level network (FARNET), but it should also have other tasks, e.g.:
- preparing training programmes for the groups in the process of formation,
- collecting, analysing and disseminating information at national level on good practice which is transferable.
Axis 5 can also be used to provide technical assistance for pre-development of cooperation projects – see "How should technical assistance for pre-development of cooperation projects be provided?" on