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FLAG factsheet - Portugal - Ria de Aveiro

Offical name: 
Ria de Aveiro
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Description of the area and its main challenges

The area is characterized by the "Ria de Aveiro", an estuary covering 11 000 ha, with unique environmental, cultural and socio-economic characteristics in Portugal. This environment has influenced the local economy through the development of activities such as salt production, harvesting of seaweed, shellfish gathering, fishing, aquaculture, agriculture and shipping industry. This complex ecosystem, supporting many high added value economic activities and a rich socio- cultural patrimony, faces increasing threats and inappropriate alterations putting at risk its ecological balance, heritage and is therefore calling for better suited and sustainable management policies.

Population: 101 576 inhabitants Employment in fisheries: 3 580

Surface area/km²: 33 706 Coastal or inland: both (estuary)

Population Density/ Inhabitants/ km²: 291 Protected areas: The Ria de Aveiro is classified as Natura 2000 area

Main focus of FLAG strategy

- Institutional cooperation: leveraging existing capabilities, creating synergies, integrating public and private interventions;

- Social, economic and environmental sustainability of the fisheries and articulation with other sectors of activity;

- Contribution to strengthening the competitiveness of the region;

- Development and promotion of natural and architectural heritage.

Environmental management (1-5, where 5 is high priority and 1 is low priority): 4

Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector (1 - 5): 5

Diversification into other activities (1 - 5): 3


Project examples and ideas

- Action plan for promotion of women's role

- "Ria de Aveiro" Tourist Brand Campaign and Identification of "Ria de Aveiro" Products

- Business diversification plan - including restoration


Lead Partner / Responsible Legal Entity :  Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região de Aveiro (Municipalities Association)

Other key actors / organisations in the partnership: University of Aveiro, Local Fisheries Associations, Small-scale Fisheries Association of Aveiro Region, Vocational Training Center for Fisheries and the Sea, Aveiro harbor administration, Industrial Association for Codfish, other private stakeholders.

Links with LEADER : none

% of public actors: 21.43

% of fisheries sector actors: 71.43

% of non-fisheries private / NGO sector actors: 7.14

% of environmental actors: 0

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership: 14

Number of individuals on decision-making body: 3

Number of contracted staff in FLAG: 3


Total public funding 2007-2013 : € 2 955 844

EFF : € 2 385 525

Other public funding : €    570 319

Private : €    786 649

FLAG Manager: 
(Acting) Manager: José Anjos
Other contact: 
Ria de Aveiro, Rua do Carmo, nº 20 Apartado 589 3800-127 Aveiro
gac ( at )
+351 234 377 650
+351 234 377 659
Languages spoken: 
Portuguese, English, Spanish, French