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FLAG factsheet - France - Groupe FEP Varois

Offical name: 
Groupe FEP Varois
Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur
Littoral varois
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Description of the area and its main challenges

The Var coast is characterised by an exceptional Mediterranean environmental resource. Despite very dense urban zones, many natural areas are renowned for their rich heritage. The coast is also dynamic and heavily influenced by the beach tourism industry. The marine space is one of many activities: sailing, diving, underwater fishing... and small scale artisanal fishing which has existed for hundreds of years is having to rediscover its place in order to survive. The objective of the FLAG is to reinforce the area´s assets and better valorise its products while coordinating all this with the other actors in the area.

Population: 554 197 inhabitants                                   Employment in fisheries: 272*

Surface area/km²: 35 061 km²                                  Coastal or inland: coastal           

Population density / inhabitants / km²: 163 Protected areas: listed sites, Natural Park of Port-Cros, ZNIEFF (Zone naturelle d’intérêt écologique faunistique et floristique – Area of ecological interest for fauna and flora), restricted fishing zones, coastal conservation properties, and sensitive natural areas.

* 272 fishermen and 220 boats in the Var

Main focus of FLAG strategy

The objective of the strategy is to promote a balance which will enable the sustainable development of artisanal fishing in the Var by facilitating fishing as a generator of income and employment while preserving the biological productivity and balance of the ecosystems as well as contributing to the strengthening of coastal territories.

The main axes are:

- Knowledge of the environment and of the characteristics of fishing practices

- Valorisation of small scale coastal fishing and of its products

- Developing a coordinated management system with all the stakeholders in the area

- Diversifying economic activities

- Cooperation

Environmental management (1-5, where 5 is high priority and 1 is low priority) : 3

Improving the competitiveness of the fisheries sector (1 - 5) : 4

Diversification into other activities (1 - 5) : 5

Project examples and ideas

- Pescatourisme 83 

- Studies of the environment and the species present

- Creation of a fish market

- Awareness-raising campaign and the production of a user’s guide

- Technical workshop to strengthen cooperation between the prud’homies (fishing organisations)

- Feasibility study for the development of an AMAP (direct selling system from the producer to the consumer and the building of a relationship between the two)

- Creation of a newspaper on the small scale fishing activity and its products.


Lead Partner / Responsible Legal Entity :  APAM - Association des Acteurs Varois pour une Petite Pêche Côtière et des Activités Maritimes Durables (Var Association of Small Scale Coastal Fisheries and Sustainable Maritime Activities).  

Other key actors / organisations in the partnership : The local fishing committee of the Var(private body), WWF-France (foundation), fishing/mussel breeding professionals, local and territorial authorities, environmental, sailing, diving and local development NGOs, tourism structures, conservation areas, IFREMER (French Research Institute for Sea Exploitation), universities...

Links with LEADER : links with the LAGs network and more specifically with the Provence Verte LAG in order to create a dynamic for the definition of common projects (development of short circuits for local land and sea products for instance).

Relating to the 25 members of the board (the “programming committee”):

% of public actors : 16%

% of fisheries sector actors : 52% (private)

% of non-fisheries private / NGO sector actors : 32%

% of environmental actors : 12%

Number of individuals/organisations in partnership : 50 (approx)

Number of individuals on decision-making body : 25

Number of contracted staff in FLAG : 1 full-time animator employed by the WWF


Total public funding 2007-2013 : €1 000 000

EFF : €    500 000

Other public* funding :   €    500 000

Private :       30 000

*National, Regional Council for Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur and the General Council for Var, Town Community of Toulon Provence Méditerranée and local authorities.

FLAG Manager: 
Claire Lemoine
Other contact: 
President: Christian Decugis
Groupe FEP Varois, 540, bd de l'Europe Business Park des Playes 83500 La Seyne sur Mer
groupefepvarois ( at )
+ 33 6 75 82 95 13
+33 6 31 43 05 33
Languages spoken: 
French, English (intermediate)