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Running costs: can the 10% limit be exceeded? On what basis is the limit of 10% for the running costs of the group calculated? Are running costs financed 100% from public funds?

The EFF regulation states that running cost for groups may not exceed, as a general rule, 10% of the total budget allocated to a fisheries area (article 44.5).

Firstly, this means that exceptions can be made, i.e. Member States may decide to exceed this threshold, in particular when the groups cannot be established on the basis of existing experienced organisations. This has to be justified in the operational programme.

Secondly, the 10% limit is calculated on the basis of the total public budget allocated to a fisheries area, i.e. the public (EFF and national) money allocated to a group for the implementation of a local development strategy (c.f. Vademecum point 7.5.3.). This means that the private match-funding is not taken into account for this calculation.

Running costs are financed 100% from public funds, i.e. they fall within group 1 (aid intensity: 100%) of annex II of the EFF regulation.