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Is acquisition of skills (training) and animation for the community included in the 10% limit for administrative costs?

The EFF Regulation 1198/2006, in Article 44.1, mentions the different types of measures for which Axis 4 support can be granted. These include, inter alia:

(i) acquiring skills and facilitating the preparation and implementation of the local development strategy, and
(j) contributing to the running costs of the group.

Further, Article 44.5 specifies that "running costs for groups may not exceed, as a general rule, 10% of the total budget allocated to a fisheries area" (Managing Authorities may decide to exceed this threshold on a case by case basis, in particular if the groups are not set up on the basis of existing organisations. This has to be justified in the operational programme).

This means that activities related to the acquisition of skills (e.g. training) or animation of the community (information meetings, participatory strategic planning, salaries for project development officers etc.), even when carried out by the FLAG, do not fall under measure (j) but under measure (i) and are therefore not concerned by the 10% limit which applies to running costs. Running costs include expenditure linked to operating (i.e. office) costs, personnel costs (staff salaries, travel costs), costs linked to public relations and networking, etc.