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Cooperation theme: Environment, tradition and identity of area

Proposed cooperation: We are looking for cooperation with other FLAGs aiming to develop long term sustainability management plans for fishstocks, notably by getting different types of userscloser together (commercial and sport fishing etc...)

FLAG info: Vindelälven, Sweden

Contact person: Stig WESTERBERGH

Address: box40, 922 21 Vindeln, Sweden

E-mail: stig.westerbergh (at)

Phone(s): +4670526714


Language(s): English, Swedish


Proposed cooperation: Common framework for the enhancement of the identity of fishery areas

FLAG info: Development agency of Thessaloniki S.A.

Contact person: George PETRIDIS / George ZIANTAS

Address: 27, Ploutonos Street, GR 546 55, Thessaloniki, Greece


Phone(s): +30 2310.801070 – Fax +30 2310.403593


Language(s): English


Proposed cooperation: Traditional inland fishery - history and future in FLAGS areas

FLAG info: Liepāja District Partnership

Contact person: Ēvalds URTĀNS

Address: O. Kalpaka iela 92-25, Liepāja, LV3417, Latvia

E-mail: federacija (at)

Phone(s): +37 1


Language(s): English