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“FLAGs in Business: adding value to local fisheries products": Almere, Netherlands, 17-18 November 2010

At the initiative of the European Commission, the FARNET Support Unit organised a seminar in the Netherlands on the 17-18 November 2010 dedicated to the FLAGs’ role in adding value to local fisheries products.

More than 150 participants, including nearly a hundred FLAGs, Managing Authority  representatives and a series of other stakeholders met in Almere, the youngest city in the Netherlands and largest of the Flevoland Province.

The purpose of this seminar was to provide FLAGs with practical knowledge and skills on how to foster adding value processes in their fisheries areas, an important Axis 4 theme which had been earmarked by the FARNET Support Unit during last transnational seminar in Gijon.


The theme "Adding value to local fisheries products" was addressed from different angles throughout the event: through plenary sessions as well as field trip visits to local Axis 4 projects, case studies, working groups and thematic discussion tables where European and international experts shared their experience in labelling, innovation, cooperation, direct marketing, marketing inland products and seafood safety & quality.

These activities, along with space for participants to present their FLAG material, exchange ideas in the "cooperation corner" or captivate the audience in a "flash" presentation in the "lighthouse session", helped participants identify a variety of methodological building blocks behind adding value processes.


Summary report of the seminar 

FARNET Guide #3: Adding value

List of participants 

DAY 1: Tuesday, November 16


18.30 -

Registration and preparation of FLAG project posters and promotional material

National group meetings, bilateral contacts

 Informal evening, standing dinner and networking event for participants

DAY 2: Wednesday, November 17


Welcome and Plenary session


Working Groups: Making the most of local assets 

  • “Dni Karpia”- promoting carp products in Poland through the project “Land of the Carp” - Marta Kaminska (PL)
  • “Le Brin d’Océan”– adding value to local species through development of new products and direct sales - Delphine Brin (FR)
  • “Seafood Cornwall”– promoting quality regional products through a collaboration platform - Nathan de Rozarieux (UK)
  • “Lonxanet”- providing a national range of distribution for local products through direct sales system - Antonio Garcia Allut (ES)
12.30 – 18.00

Study visit and lunch: presentation of projects supported by the FLAG Flevoland

  • Project 1 “De Boet:integrated culinary experience “- Cees and Zwanie Kramer, Urk
  • Project 2 “Sea Fresh BV:adding value to local species through innovation and new marketing approaches”; Yvonne Baarssen, Jan Ras, Seafresh B.V.,
  • Project 3 “Zuiderzeezilver:developing a sustainability and quality charter in the production chain of fish from the ‘Zuiderzee’” - Dutch Fishermen’s Association, Derk Jan Berends and Durk van Tuinen

Reception at Urk’s fish auction by Mr Jaap Kroon (Mayor of the municipality of Urk) and group analysis of the projects visited

Official dinner hosted jointly by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and hosted by the Flevoland Province

Day 3: Thursday, November 18

09.00 – 10.00

Feedback from the field trip: the FARNET fish auction 

  • Success factors identified for each project
  • the FARNET catch: selection of the highest value specimens
10.30 – 12.45

Thematic discussions tables (1st and 2nd round)

Theme and invited thematic expert

  • Labelling (including regional and ecolabelling): William Emerson - Senior Fishery Industry Officer (FAO)
  • Innovation (including new products, adaptation of existing products, R&D): Zach Sorrels - Director, European Operations (Eureka! Research International)
  • Cooperation/integration with other sectors (tourism, horeca, primary sector): Hans Jørgen Jensen - Manager (F)LAG Bornholm (DK)
  • Direct marketing/short chains : Marie Lesueur, Ingénieure d'études  Agrocampus Ouest (FR)
  • Marketing of inland fisheries products: Marta Kaminska - Project Coordinator LAG Dolina Baryczy (PL)
  • Seafood safety, quality and traceability: Richard Bates - Policy Officer Health Issues, Trade and markets Unit, DG MARE (EC)
13.45 – 14.45

Roundtable of experts on identified issues

14.45 – 16.00

The “light-house” session: giving the floor to the FARNET community

  • Carolyn Eastman, Eastman Fish Market, A Community Supported Fisheries (CSF) from the East Coast of USA 
  • Evalds Urtans - Latvian Fishermen Federation - Cooperation ideas for inland fisheries
16:00 – 16:30

Next steps and official conclusion