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Can an organization be a member of a FLAG if its legal seat is outside the FLAG area?

Article 45 of the EFF regulation indicates that Axis 4 shall be implemented by “local entities or groups (the group) representing public and private partners from the various local socio economic sectors…” While it is understood that most partners of the group will be based in the fisheries area, certain local socio economic sectors may be represented by an organization based outside the FLAG area. This may be the case for certain local fishing, net-mending or women´s associations, for example, whose members are active in the FLAG territory but also in neighbouring territories. As a result, although the legal seat may be outside the FLAG territory, their membership in the group might still be considered relevant, and even essential. The same might be the case for nearby research centres whose work concerns the area, or for certain public actors whose intervention scope includes but might be broader that just the FLAG territory. As is the case for all their members, groups should be able to justify what each member brings to the partnership. The composition of the partnership, as well as the local development strategy, is taken into account by the managing authority when selecting the groups.