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Call for cooperation: Producing a video on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture

We want to make a video report on “Sustainable fisheries (and aquaculture)”. This reportage would be made by 9 young people from France who have already been chosen. We have some idea of destination: Spain and Portugal or Italy and Lithuania. They will go to visit professionals and make a short reportage on exemplary initiatives in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, the difficulties of developing sustainable fisheries, the link between the different actors, the challenges… The theme could be (depending on the aim of your FLAG):

  • What’s the future for young people in these jobs, how does the FLAG work, what are the innovations in investment funding, the new way of working in cooperation, quality of life?
  • What are the adaptations to be made of working methods with regard to environmental issues?
  • What complementarities between sustainable energy and sustainable, local & coastal fisheries?
  • How to promote fisheries products and also contribute to sustainable fisheries?

The aim of this project is to support youth and job seekers to make their choice for their future and to show how it works outside France (in France, debates would be animated by the young on the movie they will have made). This project could lead to debates, aiming to promote jobs and sustainable fisheries. 

Our team would visit different fisheries areas 1-5th January 2013. The partner FLAG will have to help us find fishermen in their area or people that have exemplary practices in sustainable fishing, welcome our young people and make a little animation at the end of their trip to valorize job in fishery among other actor in their territory (in the way they want, depending on their strategy).

FLAG: Cotentin et Bessin

Contact: Lucie Paghent
mer-terroir.cotentin.bessin ( at )
Tel: +33 7 86 15 64 04 / +33 2 33 71 61 90