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Women entrepreneurs in Andalusia’s fisheries areas - Andalusian FLAGs - ES

All seven Andalusian FLAGs participated in a cooperation project to foster women entrepreneurship across the region by studying the experiences of local women and promoting successful female entrepreneurs as role models to others to turn their business ideas into reality.

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High unemployment levels in Andalusia and a common objective in the Andalusian FLAG strategies – that of diversifying their fisheries areas – led the 7 FLAGs to cooperate around a project to encourage more women to set up their own businesses and to understand what sort of support they would need to do this.

The project involved 4 key phases: an analysis of women entrepreneurship in the region’s fisheries areas, including an inventory of all female-run businesses linked to the fisheries sector and the barriers and success factors to starting a company; the identification and selection of a number of successful businesswomen to be used as role models for other women linked to the sector; the promotion of these cases through the production of 14 short films; and finally a series of activities run by the FLAGs to provide technical and financial support to new women entrepreneurs. This included, for example, workshops with women entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to exchange on business ideas and the process of setting up a company. 

The project also involved the development of the website,, that shares tips and advice on how to successfully diversify into activities that can provide new income for women in Andalusia’s fishing communities. Lourdes’ “chin-chin” bar, Shonia’s fisheries eco-tours and Manuela’s natural salt company, are just some of the businesses featured.

Key lessons

> Relevance to FARNET themes: women, diversification, cooperation.

Results: Encouraging business creation is a long-term activity and it is too early to know the real impacts this project will have. However, the project has been effective at raising awareness of the potential for women entrepreneurs to contribute to the local economy in Andalusia’s fisheries areas – not only among local women themselves but also within the regional and national fisheries administration. And, it has helped identify the types of support needed to facilitate this process. Videos of 14 successful cases of women entrepreneurs were produced and made available online where they have been viewed 10 500 times, and a monthly newsletter has offered information about female entrepreneurship in the region’s fisheries areas. The project has mobilised almost 200 women to discuss the possibility of setting up a new business and 2 local associations have been set up by fishermen’s wives (in Carboneras and Garucha) while another is under creation in Chipiona. By the end of the project, 4 women had already set up a business and others were taking steps to do so.

Transferability: Employment creation and entrepreneurship are priorities for many FLAGs around Europe. This project offers a methodology for those FLAGs wanting to reach a specific target audience, in this case women linked to the fisheries sector, and where little information existed on their current situation in terms of entrepreneurship. It can offer inspiration to FLAGs keen to understand the barriers and success factors for setting up a new company and to mobilise and support their communities to do so.

Final Comment: The cooperation aspect of this project demonstrates how FLAGs can have a broader reach by working together, as well as reducing costs by developing a shared platform. The results of this work and the knowledge gained (e.g. the importance of access to finance, the need for targeted support and training…) will feed into the local development strategies that the Andalusian FLAGs will develop and present for selection for the 2014-2020 period.




Total cost and EFF contribution        

Total Project total: 126 255.64 €

EFF Axis 4: 94 691.73 €

National/regional co-financing: 31 563.91 €



Title: Women entrepreneurs in Andalusia’s fisheries areas                                  

Duration: October 2011 – February 2014            

Case study date: March 2014     


Project promoter          

All seven Andalusian FLAGs:

Huelva, North-East Cádiz, Cádiz Straits, Malaga, Motril-Granada, Western Almeria, Eastern Almeria.


Coordinator: Inmaculada Torres / Juan Valero (Eastern Almeria FLAG)                

pesca (at)

+34 950 469 383      

Video on Manuela’s salt company 

Video on Foredunes – aquaculture and environmental education company