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Building and selecting high performing local PARTNERSHIPS for Axis 4

The partnership is the driving force of territorial development and will ultimately determine whether the group´s strategy is implemented with successful results. This page offers guidance on how to build a balanced and effective partnership in which the human potential of the area is mobilised and the various sectors of the community are not only represented but share a stake in the outcome of the FLAG´s work.

How to build and select high performing local partnerships? 

  • What do the regulations say?
  • What to look for in a high quality partnership?
  • What to avoid?

Partnership Building For Axis 4 EFF 

Local actors interested in Axis 4 of the European Fisheries Fund are required to create a local group (partnership) to deliver the measures. This fact sheet provides guidance on what is meant by partnership and the benefits to be gained by working through a local partnership. It also goes on to provide practical details on how to identify and involve the partners; the key stages of partnership building and how a local partnership is structured.

Examples of Articles of Association from Existing Groups

  • Coastal Action Group from Galicia
  • FARNET Local Action Groups in Denmark