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Добри практики

Fishing festivals & activities - FLAG Lake Peipsi - EE

This project introduced fisheries-specific themes and activities to traditional local festivals in the Lake Peipsi region. The aim of the project was to promote the fishing heritage and products of the area through cooperation with different NGOs, local authorities and entrepreneurs. The project also took place with close involvement of the 4 Leader LAGs of the territory who offered their experience and support.


Production of edible seaweed - FLAGs Danish Small Islands & Bornholm - DK

This project involves cooperation between stakeholders from two Danish FLAGs, one on the island of Bornholm and the other covering smaller islands, in commercially exploiting seaweed, an overlooked resource in Danish waters. By promoting the sustainable cultivation, harvesting and processing of seaweed, the project will assist in diversifying the local economies of the islands, thereby helping to maintain strong local populations and vibrant communities.


The dining room of the Sea - FLAG North Jutland - DK

This project is an example of market driven innovation which has led to the creation of a successful SME that employs 4 people and, after just two years, is generating a turnover of over €1.5 million. This is in a region, North Jutland, faced by population loss and a higher unemployment rate than the national average.


Additional sources of inspiration

In order to stimulate the imagination of local stakeholders, we have also included in this section examples of relevant projects from other initiatives such as Pesca, FIFG, ERDF and Leader. Along with these project ideas, this section gathers additional resources and tools (handbooks, guidelines, networks and websites) that project developers might find useful.

 Axis 4 projects        
Non Axis 4 projects             Tools from other programmes
Building on Environmental Capital

4 examples 

6 examples

6 examples
Strengthening Fisheries Areas Touristic  Capital
15 examples6 examples2 examples
Local Governance and Public Services    
8 examples6 examples11 examples
Local Labeling and Marketing Initiatives 
9 examples5 examples1 example
Pescatourism 3 examples3 examples