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Информация за държавите

EFF - Axis 4 - Country information

This section provides factsheets on the implementation of Axis in the Member States concerned: context; the areas; the groups and their strategies; key features of administrative and financial systems; networking and capacity building; resources or ideas that may be of interest to other countries. Project examples by country are also available.



Member State   
Country Factsheets
  National Networks    FLAG details
Belgium       1 Belgian FLAG   
Bulgaria     6 Bulgarian FLAGs   
Cyprus     1 Cypriot FLAG  
Denmark      18 Danish FLAGs   
Estonia      8 Estonian FLAGs   
Finland      8 Finnish FLAGs  
France      11 French FLAGs  
Germany     23 German FLAGs   
Greece     11 Greek FLAGs  
Ireland                         6 Irish FLAGs  
Italy      43 Italian FLAGs  
Latvia     24 Latvian FLAGs   
Lithuania     10 Lithuanian FLAGs  
Poland     48 Polish FLAGs   
Portugal     7 Portuguese FLAGs  
Romania     14 Romanian FLAGs  
Slovenia     1 Slovenian FLAG   
Spain    30 Spanish FLAGs  
Sweden     14 Swedish FLAGs   
The Netherlands     6 Dutch FLAGs   
United Kingdom     22 British FLAGs   

FLAGs state of play - February 2014: 312 FLAGs

In February 2014, a total of 312 FLAGs are now active in 21 Member States.