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Cooperation proposal: a one stop-shop for fisheries employment in Europe

The development of a European campaign for fishermen to stimulate crew exchanges between regions.

Setting-up a user friendly and practical EU database to inform about vacancies, required skills/certifications to improve employment mobility and new/improved income sources for fishermen. In parallel to this database, online courses (eg. English language, safety) could be taught in the format of open online courses (e.g. MOOC: Massive Open Online Courses – see “MOOC for Dummies”).

Inspiration sources / good practices


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Register for a call: The FARNET Support Unit will soon launch a series of phone conference- calls to help FLAGs get in touch with each other and engage in active cooperation. If you want to be part of the call, register here.

French LEADER LAG proposes cooperation with other inland aquaculture areas

La Dombes is a unique inland aquaculture area in France, the “region of 1000 lakes”, where tourism and the use of carp skin for leather offer opportunites to add value to local carp - and the area. The Dombes Saône LEADER LAG is looking to cooperate with other inland aquaculture areas to add value to freshwater fish through the use of fish skin and/or the promotion of tourism around lake and river assets. 

Cooperation proposal – promoting carp in tourism and for fish skin leather  

Interreg call for protecting and promoting Mediterranean natural and cultural resources

The Med programme will be holding a kick-off meeting the 23rd June 2015 in order to present its new call for projects focused on the protection of natural and cultural heritage, biodiversity, and the development of human activities in coherence with environmental change. The protection of the environment is a major challenge in the Mediterranean given the strong attractiveness of coastal areas, heavy environmental pressure from urban development and the environmental consequences of climate change. As such, two funding lines will be opened for projects that:

1. Enhance the development of a sustainable and responsible coastal and maritime tourism in the MED Area.

2. Maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas

Along with regions, research institutes and other associations, Mediterranean FLAGs are among the eligible candidates for building partnerships that can propose effective solutions for some of these challenges. Further information on the Med programme and kick-off meeting can be found here


Cooperating to learn English

Cooperation is about sharing what you know... and what you don't ! 

To practice their English and learn new words and expressions linked with specific rural activities, two Leader Groups from Auvergne (France) and Cataluña (Spain) developed a cooperation project based on mutual learning. Coached by professional English teachers, both groups acknowledged the usefulness of the initiative and the fact that learning with other non-fluent partners while visiting projects on the ground was the best way to untie their tongues. The result can be seen in this short video

Definitely an inspiring example for future FLAGs looking to improve their "fishing English".

Scottish FLAGs organise a cooperation tour for Finnish FLAG Osterbotten

A study group from the Österbotten FLAG in Finland came to visit Scotland as part of a networking and learning journey at the beginning of September this year.  The 30-strong group comprised fishermen, community members, industry representatives, project promoters, the Ostrobotnian Fisheries Association and a fishmonger.  The FLAG operates along the Ostrobothnian coastline in the Baltic Sea covering a stretch of 250-km on the west coast of Finland from Karleby in the north to Kristinestad in the south. Hundreds of islands make the area look like a big mosaic.